Google Manufacturer Center Adds Meaningful Updates

Have you heard about the new features in Google Manufacturer Center? As you know, Manufacturer Center was launched in 2015 and created specifically for brands and original manufacturers to provide detailed and rich product information such as product titles, descriptions, images, and key features. It’s also designed to improve ad relevance for product queries. Manufacturer Center can help Google understand what a product is, make the match between a query and a product and then show relevant ads.

Google announced on January 7th that they are making three important updates:

  1. Launching a new section on Google Shopping product detail pages, featuring meaningful and high-quality product content
  2. Better analytics
  3. Expansion of Manufacturer Center to twenty-four countries

What does this mean?

By including richer details of features and benefits, shoppers will feel knowledgeable and inspired by your products.

You’ll be able to:

  • Populate your pages with rich product content to include photos, YouTube videos and more.  
  • Highlight the product features and capabilities that resonate most with your shoppers.
  • Build brand equity directly with shoppers on Google
phones displaying google express

Image source: Google

Make informed business decisions with newly improved analytics.

Better metrics will be available in Manufacturer Center including: top search terms, pricing trends, top performing product groups, top price changes, etc.

Global Expansion of Manufacturer Center

By expanding Manufacturer Center from seven to twenty-four countries, you’ll now be able to have better control over how your products are represented on a global level, improve your Shopping ads performance, and receive insightful analytics.

Need help with understanding Google Manufacturer Center?

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