Facebook's Solution to Safari 11 Cookie Changes

On September 19, 2017, Apple released iOS 11 and with it, Safari’s new Intelligent Tracking Prevention that identifies the sites that users interact with the most, and limits cookies and other website data on all other domains. To help capture some of the missing events, Advanced Matching in the Facebook Pixel would allow you match more events with Facebook users by sending customer data you collect from your website (e.g email on checkouts) through the pixel. Please visit our Developer Documentation for instructions on how to get started.


Q: How will ITP impact my Facebook ads?

A: You may see a decrease in events measured by Facebook pixel from from people who do not use http://facebook.com on a daily basis. You may see reduced reach in retargeting products like website Custom Audiences and dynamic ads as well as underreported conversions in reporting.

Q: How does Advanced Matching in the Facebook Pixel mitigate the ITP risk?

A: Advanced Matching in the Facebook Pixel allows you to send the customer data you collect from your website (e.g email on checkouts) through the pixel to match more website actions with Facebook users. The removes the dependency on using cookies to match website actions with Facebook users and mitigates any ITP risk. During early testing, we have observed over 10% increase in attributed conversions and 20% increase in reach.




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