Facebook Shops Featured Partner - Feedonomics

We’re really proud to be one of Facebook’s featured partners as we look to the future of commerce!

In an effort to support small businesses dealing with the economic shock of COVID, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg went live on Facebook to announce the introduction of Facebook Shops on May 19th. Feedonomics was featured alongside other respected eCommerce brands in the video, and was also included among the partners that “offer powerful tools to help entrepreneurs start and run their businesses and move online…” in a post from Facebook’s Newsroom.

Zuckerberg also summarized his announcement video in a Facebook post and included Feedonomics as one of the companies ready to help sellers with their catalog integrations.

Mark Zuckerberg partners with Feedonomics

We are looking forward to the success of Facebook Shops and how they will empower business owners to increase their online presence and reach more customers. One way small businesses are surviving the economic shock of COVID is by moving more online, or adapting to an online-first business model, and Facebook Shops will give them the tools to set up an online store that can be accessed across various apps. Setting up a Facebook Shop is free and sellers will be able to customize their Shops with cover images and color schemes.

Facebook Shops Announcement

Facebook Shops will provide merchants new tools to sell.

“We know this is going to be a major product for lots of small businesses, so we’re excited to partner with Facebook to help sellers transition to online markets during these difficult times,” said Shawn Lipman, CEO of Feedonomics. “We are continuing to onboard merchants and optimize their product feeds, so they can start selling on Facebook and Instagram and succeed in eCommerce.”

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Brian Roizen is the Cofounder and Chief Architect of Feedonomics, a full-service feed optimization platform that optimizes product data for hundreds of channels. He has been featured on numerous podcasts and eCommerce webinars, and regularly contributes to Search Engine Land and other industry-leading blogs. Brian graduated summa cum laude from UCLA with both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.