Google Shopping Actions, now called Buy On Google

What is Buy on Google?

Buy on Google is an online marketplace that makes it extremely convenient for consumers to shop, by utilizing a universal shopping cart and instant checkout with saved payment information.

For example, you can purchase a blender from Walmart and at the same time buy flowers from 1-800 Flowers. All items will be placed in a universal shopping cart and customers can pay for it using the credit card that is saved in their Google account.

Advertisers have access to their orders and are responsible for order fulfillment.

Buy on Google ad listings are shown with the colorful parachute saying “Express”.

What makes Buy on Google valuable for advertisers?

  1. Advertisers can sell their products across multiple Google platforms like Google Search, Google Assistant, Google Home devices, and the Google Express mobile app.
  2. Buy on Google’s ease of use, through the checkout process, leads to fewer clicks and a higher conversion rate.
  3. Google has made significant investments in machine learning and AI, leading to a tailor-made shopping experience, adding to higher conversion rates.
  4. Enhancing the user experience creates a higher level of consumer loyalty, leading to repeat business.

Source: Google

Getting Started

  1. The first step is to submit this interest form to Google.
  2. Google will review your submission.
  3. Once approved there are settings under the Buy on Google tab, found in your Google Merchant Center account that needs to be completed, including accepting the terms of service.
  4. Once everything is set up in Google Merchant Center, you will need to “request final validation” within the Buy on Google section found in your Google merchant center account.
  5. You will be notified by Google once your account is approved.

The Buy on Google reporting interface includes ad score history, defect rates, sales, lost sales, order fulfillment rates, rejections, and much more.


Google Shopping ads and text ads are charged on a cost per click model (CPC), however, Buy on Google is based on a cost per sale (CPA) model. Depending on the item category the commission rates range from 5-20% with an average of 12%.

If you’d like to know your specific rate, please reach out to us for more information.

Pricing – Quality Score

“Another factor influencing pricing is quality score.”

There are a number of factors that effect quality score:

  1. The quality and relevance of data feeds.
  2. Accurate product category classification.
  3. Consistent account activity. Example – being proactive labeling products around seasonal and sales events.
  4. Timely and accurate order fulfillment.
  5. Order Defect Rate. This is based on 2 main criteria:
    • Negative Product Feedback (Calculated by negative feedback divided by the number of orders in that period)
    • Return Policy (Calculated by number of returns with a valid claim divided by sales over the same period)

Quality score is updated on the first day of each month based on data from the past 90 days.

Improving quality score should reduce commission rates.


Several new metrics have been added to assist in performance tracking.

Performance Statistics and Data Management

Metrics update daily at 7AM PST

Other Benefits of Buy on Google

  1. Unlike Amazon, customer data belongs to the advertiser and is easy to access.
  2. Customizable user checkout.
  3. Simple standards and processes to facilitate and manage returns.

Future Plans

Future plans include local listing ads. There is also mention of customers being able to order online and pick up their orders from a store location. We anticipate many additional updates as more advertisers start using Google’s new online marketplace.

Need Help Getting Started?

Feedonomics has been selected as one of a handful of Buy on Google partners. With our intelligent platform and a full-service team, we can assist you in getting your products listed.

In 90 days, Feedonomics has helped generate:

  • Over 200 live integrations
  • More than 5,000 orders
  • $400,000 in revenue

Want to learn more about Buy on Google?