Being Listed as a Seller in Google Shopping on a Search Return


Why is a client not listed under a search return as a seller under the Shopping tab?

Answer (from Google Account Manager):

“The sellers-list is generated automatically and there’s no way to ensure that you always show up in that list.

Google Shopping uses statistical data over time, a user’s search history, and the search-terms for a specific session among other factors to decide which sellers show in this list.

There are some best-practices that may help increase the probability of being added to list over time :

  • Be certain that the company name is not within any submitted data – the seller name should be accurately set in the merchant center account but not in the brand attribute.
  • The business display/brand name, set in the account, is added automatically by google, to all items submitted and is used for the left-hand-side seller’s facet-list – not the brand attribute, or any submitted (feed) data.
  • Be certain all attribute-values (in the feed) submitted are accurate and high quality, especially titles, descriptions, and any manufacturer’s global-trade-data (brand, mpn, gtin), and that product-groups have a high enough bid to gain impressions over time.

Typically, as a seller improves their overall performance over time, the cumulative statistical data of a seller’s performance and multiple users’ behavior may improve the likelihood that their name may be added to the seller’s list.

Generally, the more users search for a specific seller or for products sold by a specific seller, the more related data is accumulated and the better chance the auto-generated lists may include that seller.”