Announcing Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Feedonomics Partnership

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a leading enterprise eCommerce software that lets you easily deliver seamless and personalized B2C & B2B experiences across digital, social, mobile, and retail stores.

Salesforce works with many of the largest online brands that we have learned to love over the years. These include Adidas, Kone, Farmers Insurance, and thousands more. The Salesforce ecosystem offers a robust solution for businesses to manage everything from A-Z.

Feedonomics has partnered with Salesforce Commerce Cloud to help advertisers get their product catalogs listed online. The Feedonomics platform seamlessly integrates with Salesforce allowing advertisers to easily get their products listed on a wide range of placements online.

As an approved Salesforce Commerce Cloud partner, Feedonomics can:

  • Pull product data and attributes into a dynamic feed
  • Create one or many highly optimized feed files that easily integrate with any online search (e.g., Google Shopping Ads), marketplace (e.g., Amazon), and affiliate channel (e.g., ShareASale).
  • Provide advanced feed management: A/B testing for titles and images
  • With advanced tools you can set alerts so that you are notified of any errors or disapprovals.
  • Dynamically update product inventory every 15 minutes
  • Improve product titles by using our keyword recommendation tool which flags missing words from converted search terms on a per SKU level
  • Provide error resolution and support from our full-service team that is available 24/7
  • Plus loads more from our intelligent platform

If you use Salesforce Commerce Cloud and want an eCommerce solution to help optimize, manage, and get your products on Google Shopping, Amazon, and other channels, feel free to reach out!