Announcing New Feedonomics Product: Creation Date Tracker

Oftentimes campaign strategists will want to highlight brand new product lines in their campaigns, giving new products special treatment to ensure they go into a specific campaign or ad group.

team meeting about transitioning feeds

The Challenge

This can require regular manual updates as the set of “new SKUs” is always changing. For instance, the client gives you a list of new SKUs, you go into Google Ads, remove the pre-existing SKUs from your “New Products” group and replace it with the new list of SKUs.

Feedonomics Solution

With our new product, Creation Date Tracker, Feedonomics can automatically recognize when a new product is added to the feed and permanently capture the date on which the product was added. Additionally, we can automate a custom label indicating “New in the last 30 days,” which can be directed into your “New Products” group in Google Ads, completely automating the process of rotating the newest products into the appropriate ad group. Furthermore, if the product leaves the feed and returns later, the original “Created Date” will be preserved.

Alternative Uses for Creation Date Tracking

  • Apply specific changes to new products. For example, add “NEW!” to the beginning of the titles of new products (Google Shopping won’t allow this, but some other channels may)
  • Create a cutoff date for data optimizations applied to products. For example, ensure that all products created before today have a set, unchanging Title structure, but allow products created after this date to have new Title manipulations applied.

Creation Date Tracking can be used to facilitate custom labels that highlight new products, which can be leveraged by campaigns to promote and accelerate new product performance.