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Challenges when selling products on Amazon

Importing and exporting data

Aggregating your magento product data into a single optimized format for Amazon. Being able to dynamically add or remove new or out-of-stock products directly from your website or data location.


Amazon errors

Dealing with product disapprovals due to tricky to resolve errors like have mismatched brands, colors, and sizes.


Scalability and account management

Managing a large inventory of products, optimizing, monitoring, and actioning changes to get better results.


Ensuring orders are updated and synced to your online store or third-party shipping providers.

Feedonomics for Amazon

Feedonomics for Marketplaces is a full-service solution that lets you automate catalog listing, product optimization, and order and inventory management via one centralized platform.


Optimized product listings created and updated according to Amazon’s requirements and best practices


Automatic product and order synchronization between your ecommerce platform and Amazon Seller Central


Data governance to safeguard your business and maximize product up time


Flexible multichannel selling capabilities to expand your ecommerce business


Ongoing feed maintenance and 24/7 support with rapid response times

Amazon product listing optimization and SEO

Want to learn more? Find out why the world's most prolific brands and online retailers choose Feedonomics.

Being successful on Amazon takes a lot of work. Trust the marketplace specialists and 24/7 support from Feedonomics.

Our full-service marketplace solution does the heavy lifting for you:


Proactive feed management and 24/7 support with rapid response times


Dedicated point of contact for comprehensive onboarding


Implementation of all business rules and data optimizations


Expert account management to guide expansion onto additional marketplaces

Amazon product listing specialists

Don’t let limited technology dictate your growth. Take advantage of the most powerful feed management platform in the industry.

Feedonomics offers a scalable solution:


Continually add and update product listings with a direct Amazon integration


Quickly sync inventory with no limits on scheduling frequency


Automatically sync orders between Amazon Seller Central and your ecommerce system


Easily join in data from multiple sources within the Feedonomics platform

optimized Amazon product listings

How do you stand out in a crowded marketplace? Optimize your product data.

Feedonomics applies custom data rules to improve the quality of your product catalog:

Magento to Amazon inventory management

Clean and consistent product titles, descriptions, bullet points, and more to improve conversion

Magento to Amazon listing management

Accurate and granular product categorization to facilitate product discovery

Magento to Amazon listing optimization

High product attribute fill rate to create more detailed product listings

Simplify your migration from Amazon MWS to Amazon SP-API. Feedonomics supports the latest standards in ecommerce so you can keep selling products without interruption.

Don’t let little problems become big problems. Protect your data and your business.

Feedonomics is equipped to protect your data, prevent issues before they occur, and find solutions quickly when problems arise.


Data governance rules to stop exports or send alerts when we detect issues like incorrect data for key attributes (i.e. pricing, inventory)


Inventory buffer and allocation rules to prevent overselling and protect your Amazon seller rating


Order monitoring and alerts to help your team action any potential issues

connecting Magento to Amazon

Amazon Testimonial

The Feedonomics FeedAMP™ solution automated the full marketplace order process of Ambush Skateboarding’s brands on Amazon and eBay.

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