6 Best Advertising Channels for Fashion, Apparel, and Clothing

The fashion industry is ever-changing and always hungry for the next big trend. However, in order to be that trend, you need the exposure necessary to reach the lives of millions.

Below you’ll find some of the best advertising channels that you should be on for advertising fashion, apparel, and clothing.


Google Shopping


Google Shopping is one of the most recognizable advertising channels in the world. It’s highly relevant search results, huge search volume, and prominent position on the Google search page make it an important channel for any retailer to be on.

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Polyvore (now owned by Yahoo) is a major fashion and apparel channel for eCommerce merchants that allows you to target users by creating clothing sets (a dress that pairs well with a pair of shoes). Additionally, Polyvore boasts an average order value of $383, which is significantly higher than other CSE and marketplace channels.

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Pepperjam is one of the leading feed-based affiliate channels with thousands of publishers available to promote your products. Under its parent organization, Ebay, Pepperjam specializes in pay-for-performance results and social marketing services.

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Spartoo is a European fashion e-commerce site specializing in shoes and clothing.

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Fashiola is a fashion advertising channel that partners with fashion merchants to redirect customers directly to the retailer’s website to complete their transaction.



The Dress Spot

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The Dress Spot, like the name suggests, specializes in women’s dresses from some of the world’s most popular stores and brands, including Nordstrom, Macy’s, and J. Crew.


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