5 Best Price Comparison Channels for Electronic Parts

If you sell electronic parts, there are hundreds of channels you can try to advertise your products, but which are the best?.

Below you’ll find some of the top advertising channels for electronic parts that you should be on.




FindChips is a price comparison channel that allows users to search for products using their specific part numbers and gives instant access to prices, inventory, and their advanced analytics.





Octopart is a search engine for electronic parts that partners with distributors and manufacturers online, making it an easy and convenient way to search for and purchase parts.




Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 1.47.16 PM

Sandquid is a free software that boasts automated inventory scanning, price optimization and BOM (Bill of Materials)  aggregation. Unlike Findchips and Octopart, Sandsquid focus on the entire BOM instead of searching for a single part.




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Pricewatch is a price comparison tool that shows the lowest available price for a wide range of computer parts.



All About Circuits

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All About Circuits is an international, online forum where electrical engineers and designers seeking ideas, education, and discussions, collaborate and share their own inventions


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