6 Best Price Comparison Channels for Guns and Ammo

If you sell guns and ammo online, there are hundreds of channels you can try to advertise your products on, but which ones are the best?

Below you will find some of the best price comparison channels for guns and ammo. These gun comparison sites can be incorporated into your multichannel sales strategy.




AmmoSeek is a great price comparison channel for guns and ammo that launched in 2009. Merchants can participate in the AmmoSeek Certified Retailer program to be able to directly send AmmoSeek a data feed. This helps provide the most accurate and up to date data for your store.

Ammo Seek feed specifications.




WikiArms is a search engine built to find the best prices on firearms and ammo. They require a monthly subscription fee of $249.99. They also have a setup fee that is later waved. They accept XML feeds but don’t require one.

WikiArms feed specifications.




AmmoSpy is a search engine that helps users find ammo as easily as possible. Built by professional web developers, AmmoSpy claims to be the best search engine for ammo on the internet.



[GUNBOT beta]

GunBot offers real time tracking of available ammo and firearm accessories. Although they are still in their beta phase, their consistent updates offer great accuracy as soon as new products are uploaded.




Gun.Deals is another online search engine designed to find the best deals on ammo, firearms, and firearm accessories. After getting a paid merchant status, you can upload a product feed to their site.

Gun.Deals feed specifications.




BulkAmmo is an online search engine that is designed to look for the most affordable ammo in bulk. They offer deals on bulk ammo for handguns, rifles, shotguns, and more.



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