8 Best Price Comparison Shopping Channels in the UK

If you are an online merchant in the UK, there are hundreds of price comparison shopping channels you can work with, but which ones are the best?

Below you will find some of the best price comparison shopping channels to be on in the UK.



PriceSpy is a great price comparison channel based in Sweden. Over the years, they have become very popular in other countries, reaching out to millions of users a month. Listing on PriceSpy is free, however, you can pay to be listed as a featured shop.

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PriceRunner is the number 1 price comparison site in the UK. They started their business in 1999 and have been building connections since then. They have access to more than 3 million products from hundreds of different stores. With a free to affordable listing fee, many merchants find it easy to get their products listed with PriceRunner.

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CompareStorePrices is an independent price comparison channel based in the UK. Users are able to leave and read reviews on various products. You can search for any product or browse through their directory to find what you want.




Dealnews has been around for 20 years. They facilitate over 400 deals a day and bring in more than 14.5 million users a month. Dealnews guarantees that they only work with reputable companies to ensure their users get the best prices for the best products.




Skinflint is a price comparison site that started in 1996 in Germany. In 2009, they offered an English version of their site for the UK, which had more than 250 participating merchants from the first day. Skinflint brings in over 3.3 million users a month and has more than a million products.

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Stylight is an online search engine designed to help users find the best prices for products they are looking for. Stylight can perform searches on over 1,000 stores and compare prices on more than 30 million products.

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PriceGrabber is part of a larger network operated by Connexity, a company that has been around for the past 20 years. Connexity also manages Shopzilla, Bizrate, and Become to name a few. With such experience and connections built throughout the years, working with Connexity is an easy option for merchants wanting to get on price comparison channels.

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Pricesearcher is a free search engine designed to be able to search any kind of product from any source, whether it be from a store, marketplace, price comparison site, etc. Pricesearcher also claims to have unbiased results since they don’t prioritize any of their products nor do they charge a fee to list. Currently, they are completely free of charge.

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