Rakuten LinkShare Feed Build Guide

There are a few different formats that Rakuten accepts (tsv, csv, zip, xml), so it is important to know whether or not they have an existing feed file. In addition, there are two versions of attributes that you can work with – one is Rakuten specific attributes, and the other is Google formatted attributes.

1. Rakuten LinkShare Feed Build Guide

Note that there are “Primary File Field Definitions” in Appendix A which are common to all product categories, however there are also category-specific attributes in Appendix B. These are linked by Rakuten’s “Class ID”. So, for example, if a product has a Rakuten “Class ID” of “60”, denoting clothing products, then you should see the section in Appendix B for Class 60 to find additional clothing-specific attributes you can add to your export (ex. size, material, gender).

2. Rakuten Product Specs

These Rakuten specs follow the Google specifications for the most part.