Google Shopping Redesigned with Price Tracking Plus New Google Lens Feature

Google rolled out a redesign for Google Shopping earlier this year and it is now available in the United States across both mobile and desktop. Along with the refresh, Google introduced a price tracking tool and a new Google Lens feature.

Image source: Google

Personalized Homepage

The homepage is personalized with product recommendations based on your past search history. There is also an area that will help you reorder common items.

Image source: Google

When you are ready to make a purchase, you’ll have the ability to buy it online, at a local store, or directly from retailers on Google.

Price Tracking

One very helpful and convenient feature that Google introduced is the price tracking feature. After you find the product that you are looking for on Google Shopping, simply turn on the “track price” button and you’ll receive a notification on your phone alerting you to the price drop. Coming soon, you’ll have the option to receive these notifications via email.

Purchasing Made Easy with a Variety of Choices

Google Shopping gives you the option to buy products online, from a nearby store, or directly from the company on Google.

To find products that you can buy directly on Google, look for the colorful shopping cart icon that will pop up next to product images and in the search filters. Your orders are backed by the Google guarantee, meaning you’ll have a simple checkout, as well as easy returns and refunds through Google’s customer support.

You can also filter for nearby products and check inventory so that you can find a local retailer carrying the item. This will come in handy when you want to physically see the item before you buy, or you are looking for last-minute gifts.

Get Fashion Inspiration with Google Lens

Continuing with the shopping-themed features, Google Lens has a new function to give you style ideas. for fashion inspiration. Let’s say you found a coat in the store that you like. Simply open Lens in Google Photos, point your camera at it, and you’ll see clothing suggestions.

Image source: Google

The tool also works with social media. If you see a dress that you like on a fashion blog, just take a screenshot and use Lens to see how other people are wearing it, plus get links to buy a similar outfit.