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“The ultimate insights tool for preparing your ideal Geo location and persona for eCommerce campaign success.”

Google has amazing tools to help you analyze and prepare for your next campaign. One of my favorites is the Shopping Insights Tool. When should you use this tool? And how to get the most out of it?

Selling your products online requires a certain budget to cover all regions or states you wish to target. Ideally, you want to separate your targeting geographically, testing each locations performance and, budget. When entering a product description into the search bar; the Shopping Insights Tool will return results showing exactly which countries/states had the highest amount of interest/sales for those products. You can also compare a few similar products to see what the bestselling item was overall.

The report below shows the top “Halloween costumes bought in 2017”.  Each state has statistics that can help you better allocate budgets and choose products more likely to sell.

  Most Popular Halloween Costumes 2017

In 2017 Wonder woman costumes were the top seller, with Harley Quinn costumes second, third Clown Costumes with Unicorn costumes in fourth place.

thinkwithgoogle - shopping insight reports
best selling Halloween costumes 2017

Based on the insights of the tools results you will be able to make better business decisions particularly when it comes to budget allocations, product selection and, the ability to create your desired persona for additional targeting. The report offers a demographic breakdown to help identify this persona.

Google shopping persona

For advanced planning I recommend you also look at Google Trends. Making use of trending products and looking at historical product performance will give you a good idea of what is more likely to sell.

“Please note some of the tools provided by are still in beta testing so results may be inaccurate”.