Beginning March 4, 2020, Google will allow Shopping ads to show in Gmail, Youtube, and Discover for all Shopping campaigns.

While we anticipate exactly how Shopping Ads will behave across these networks, we already know and can expect a few things:

  1. Merchants who use Smart Shopping campaigns will automatically have Shopping Ads opted in to Gmail, YouTube, and Discover.
  2. Merchants who run standard Shopping campaigns will be opted in if their settings have “YouTube, Gmail and Discover” enabled.
  1. Both Product Shopping ads and Showcase Shopping ads will be eligible to appear in Gmail.
  2. Ads on Gmail will be reported under the Google Display Network. Gmail users will likely be able to opt out of receiving personalized ads in the same way they currently do, by changing their Google account settings.
  3. Gmail users will likely be able to opt out of receiving Shopping ads by turning off the Social and Promotions inboxes.

Remember that these changes will go into effect on March 4, so be sure to monitor your campaigns and see how this exciting new development affects your ad performance. Be sure to check back to our blog to get more Shopping ads updates!