Currency Conversion in Google Merchant Center

Currency conversion is an automatically enabled feature in Google Merchant Center that allows you to push a feed to countries that use a different currency than that of the feed.


  1. Start by creating a new feed container for the country you intend to push to.
  2. During the creation of the new container, set the target country to where you intended to push to. Finish creating the container.
  3. Click on the feed container and go to the settings tab. Set the “default currency” to match the currency in your feed.

Your prices will automatically be converted when set up this way.

I have a US feed with USD currency. I need to export to Canada, which uses CAD currency.

  1. I create a new feed container.
  2. I set the target country to Canada and finish creating the container.
  3. I go to the feed settings and set the default currency to US Dollar.

This will result in automatic currency conversion with no errors.

Important Note
: If shipping is being set in Google Merchant Center and not being pushed in the feed, currency conversion will not apply to the values set in GMC. The currency for shipping in GMC has to match the currency in the feed or else it will result in invalid products with shipping errors.


This means we can only use currency conversion if shipping is set up in our feed.


Ex. I have set up shipping within GMC using EU and shipping is not being pushed in our feed. Our feed will also need to be in EU, as the currency conversion would not be applicable in this situation.


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