In 2020, Walmart released Item Spec 4.0, bringing significant changes to the Walmart Marketplace product catalog. Products are now easier to find with more specific searchable attributes and an updated filter feature on the site. The update also consolidates different types of feeds and makes them compatible with custom shipping templates. 

Despite the benefits, some sellers still haven’t migrated to Item Spec 4.0, possibly due to the additional development required for exporting product catalogs in the new format. However, beginning October 1, 2022, Walmart’s system will no longer support item maintenance via Item Spec 3.2. Merchants need to transition their product catalogs to Item Spec 4.0 to ensure their products can be maintained on the platform. 

Keep reading for a full breakdown of what Item Spec 4.0 is, what sellers need to know about the upcoming transition, and how to upgrade and supercharge your existing Walmart Marketplace product catalog.

What is Item Spec 4.0? 

Item Spec 4.0 simplifies the Walmart Marketplace listing process, streamlines your store’s connection with Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS), and can improve customer traffic to your listings.

Improved discoverability

Item Spec 4.0 introduces 150 new product and compliance attributes to include in your listings. These new attributes feature more precise and modern terminology used by online shoppers. The more relevant attributes in your listing improve your item’s chances of appearing when a customer submits a related query.

Item Spec 4.0 also improves product categorization by adding 80 new category attributes. The update changes the way certain product categories are organized and displayed, improving the shopping experience for customers with better site navigation. It also boosts product discoverability for merchants by providing an additional way to show customers more items related to their original query. 

Improved efficiency

Product feed creation is streamlined with an enhanced setup workflow that makes it easier for sellers to build and organize their feeds. For example, the new specification allows merchants to include sale prices within an original product feed rather than submitting additional supplemental feeds when running a sale or promotion.

Item Spec 4.0 also introduces automated product tax code assignment and the ability to assign sales restrictions for WFS items by state or ZIP code. 

Easier Walmart Fulfillment Services integration and custom shipping templates

In the legacy version of Walmart’s item specifications, if you wanted to list items that you were fulfilling yourself and items that were fulfilled using WFS, you had to create and submit two separate feeds. With Item Spec 4.0, you can do this in a single feed. You can also assign custom shipping templates to products in your catalog using Item Spec 4.0.

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Transitioning to Item Spec 4.0

We recommend Walmart Marketplace merchants make the transition as soon as possible to comply with the October 1 deadline and maintain up-to-date and accurate product catalogs; however, transitioning hundreds or even thousands of products to this new specification can be a headache. Luckily, Feedonomics can handle this for you!

Our flexible technology has been updated to handle Item Spec 4.0 feeds and integrates seamlessly with Walmart Marketplace. With Feedonomics, there is no need to worry about costly system updates or developing a new integration. Our platform can optimize your product catalog for Walmart Marketplace and more than 300 other marketplaces. We also provide 24/7, full-service support and order synchronization between your ecommerce platform and Walmart Marketplace. 

Monitoring every aspect of your catalog becomes more and more difficult as your business grows. Don’t get bogged down by product feed management; let us do the heavy lifting. Connect with one of our Walmart Marketplace feed specialists today.