Michael Plax Promoted to Senior Director of Product Marketplaces

Big news from the Feedonomics hub: Michael Plax has been promoted to Senior Director of Product, Marketplaces!

In this new role, Michael will continue to improve our world-class marketplace technology and ensure our team’s goals align with the needs of our customers and merchants around the world. 

“The product team is growing, and we have to continue innovating in the marketplace space to create best-in-class products,” he said. “I’m excited to contribute to the growth and expansion of our marketplace offering. Our Feedonomics culture supports us in creating great products, and we are passionate about building solutions for our customers and our team.”

Prior to Feedonomics, Michael was the CTO of an ecommerce shoe distribution company for more than 12 years, where he supervised integrations for 25-plus marketplaces and gained a wealth of knowledge in product management and business development. He continues to ‘Go for the Gap’ in his work at Feedonomics, creating a positive learning environment and ensuring continuous improvement through his ‘Train to Win’ attitude.

At Feedonomics, we pride ourselves on our outstanding people, and Michael is just one example of the innovative culture we are always striving to achieve. Congrats, Michael, and Feed On!