Walmart seller facts

Walmart allows third-party sellers to list their products on to reach more than 120 million unique monthly visitors. As one of the largest omnichannel retailers in the United States, Walmart offers an excellent opportunity for ecommerce sellers to scale their business.

What do I need to set up a seller account and sell on Walmart marketplace?

You need to supply your business info for the account setup. This includes the following items:

  • US Business Tax ID (SSN not accepted)
  • W9 or W8 and EIN Verification Letter from the Department of Treasury that verifies your US business address or place of physical operations
  • Address or place of physical operations
  • US business address
  • Planned integration method for your product catalog (bulk upload, API, solution provider)
  • Primary product categories, catalog size and related information (e.g. total SKUs you will be selling on initially with verified UPC information, and used vs. refurbished etc.)

Walmart has a list of prohibited products, and if you include any items that violate the Walmart Prohibited Products Policy in your submission, your application will be denied. 

To sign up for a Walmart Seller Account, you may use the Feedonomics Partner link.

What are the commission rates and fees on Walmart?

Walmart sellers pay commission (also called a referral fee) for the items that they sell. There are no additional Walmart Marketplace fees unless you are utilizing Walmart’s fulfillment program. Referral fee percentages typically range from 8% to 15% for most categories. 

To find the referral fee for your category of products, please refer to Walmart’s Referral Fees for Contract Categories.

What are the image requirements on Walmart Marketplace?

Walmart recommends you include four high-quality images for each of your product listings. In addition to these Walmart image requirements, your product images should follow these guidelines:

  • File Format: JPEG, JPG, PNG, BMP
  • Color Format: RGB
  • File Size: Less than 5 MB
  • Background: Seamless white (255/255/255 RGB)
  • Recommended Image Size: 2000×2000 or higher. Minimum image size is 1000×1000.
  • No excessive (more than 50%) white space surrounding the product
  • Images should not include accessories that are not included with the item
  • Images should not contain content that violates Walmart’s Prohibited Products Policy
  • No placeholder images 

Visit Walmart’s Knowledge Base for the full list of image guidelines and requirements.

Do I need approval to list in certain categories on Walmart?

For the following categories, you need to obtain pre-approval from Walmart’s Partner Support team:

  • Fragrance
  • Luxury Brands
  • Software
  • Cell Phones and accessories
  • Halloween and select seasonal products
  • Custom Content
  • Jewelry and precious metals
  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

To request approval, go to the Partner Support page and choose “Items/Inventory> My item is unpublished.” In your request, include a list of the brands or items you wish to sell. 

Are UPCs or GTINs required to sell on Walmart?

Walmart requires that all items sold on have Product IDs (GTIN, UPC, or EAN). 

If the item is something you have manufactured or produced, you may contact one of the many organizations that manage Product IDs to generate an ID for your item. Sellers must use the GS1-Certified, valid and approved GTIN, UPC, or ISBN for your item.

If you do not have an approved GTIN number, UPC code, or ISBN for your products, please visit the GS1 site for more information. Please note that there are multiple sites to purchase GTINs, so confirm they are GS1-Certified before purchasing from anywhere other than the GS1 website.

Please see the Walmart Seller Help Knowledgebase for more details on GTIN requirements.

Does Walmart Fulfillment Services have restrictions?

Yes, but as long as your products meet the following requirements, you can be included in the Walmart Fulfillment Services program.

  • Products must ship to Walmart fulfillment centers from within the United States
  • No perishable or regulated products 
  • Maximum product weight is 150 pounds.
  • Maximum product dimensions: 108″ in length and 165″ in length + girth

Contact Feedonomics today to learn how our team of Walmart marketplace specialists can assist your business with everything from product listing software to order management.