13 Best Price Comparison Shopping Channels in France

If you are an online merchant in France, there are hundreds of price comparison shopping channels you can work with, but which ones are the best?

Below you will find some of the best price comparison shopping channels to be on in France.



StyleLounge is a large price comparison shopping channel with a strong focus on fashion. They are based in Germany and have 6 different international websites.



Cdiscount is a French price comparison shopping channel that only operates in France. Since its founding in 1999, Cdiscount has grown to be one of the most popular price comparison websites in France, bringing in more than 16 million registered users. They claim that 1 in 3 French consumers has an account with Cdiscount, making it one of the top comparison sites for shopping in France.

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Cherchons is one of the most popular price comparison shopping channels in France. They bring in over 4 million users a month and provide access to over 10 million products. Cherchons also hosts over 1,500 active merchants.

Rue Montgallet


Rue Montgallet is a great price comparison shopping channel based in France. They focus on electronics from household appliances to high end computer parts. Any tech merchant wanting to have exposure in France will need to visit Rue Montgallet.



Fnac is the second largest online price comparison shopping channel in France. They claim to offer more than 25 million products, such as electronics, toys, airline tickets, and more. As they grow larger, Fnac plans to move out to other countries as well.

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LeGuide has been around since 1998. With its roots in France, LeGuide has spread to other European countries like Germany, Spain, and the UK and has become a strong contender for its position as one of the best online shopping sites in the region. With access to 80,000 merchants and more than 200 million product offers, LeGuide brings in about 20 million visitors a month.

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PriceMinister is a price comparison shopping channel that started 2010 in France. They are a part of the extensive Rakuten network that spans across 25 different countries.

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Touslesprix has been around for almost 20 years. They are based in Auvergne, France, and this price comparison site is run by a team of 11 people. They provide access to all sorts of products including electronics, clothes, and software.

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Webmarchand is a French based price comparison shopping channel that is owned and operated by LeGuide. They are part of a larger network of price comparison channels that bring in over 20 million visitors a month.

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ManoMano was founded in 2012 in France. They are a great price comparison website for DIY gardening products. They have every outdoor gardeners’ most desired products, ranging from garden hoses to dog houses.



Uvinum is an online marketplace for wine, beer, spirits, and other alcoholic drinks. They provide a social experience for people who want to try new drinks and discover what others like at a reasonable price. Uvinum makes it very easy to compare prices and reviews in France, whether it be by professionals or casual users.

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Choozen is another price comparison channel owned and operated by LeGuide. They span their network to 14 different European countries, have their site written in 9 languages, work with 75,150 retailers, and offer about 174 million products.

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Acheter Moins Cher


Acheter Moins Cher has been around since 1998. They have gained popularity throughout the years, even standing at the number 1 most favorite French website in France in 2012. Acheter Moins Cher lets you easily browse through many products and compare prices and reviews at a glance.

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