2 Best Price Comparison Shopping Channels in Finland

If you are an online merchant in Finland, there are hundreds of price comparison channels you can use to advertise your products, but which are the best?

Below you’ll find some of the best ecommerce price comparison shopping sites for advertising your products in Finland.


Founded in 2002, Vertaa was the first price comparison site in Finland. Since its inception, Vertaa has helped customers find the best possible prices and fastest delivery times for the products they want.

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Hintaseuranta is one of the top price comparison channels in Finland, with product comparisons from a wide variety of categories, like electronics, clothing, and even travel.


Hinta is a Finnish price comparison website with a focus on electronics. Users can search for the best prices in categories like computer components, peripherals, mobile devices, game consoles, media players, cameras, and much more under the electronic product category umbrella. The site receives over 400,000 monthly visits.


Shopalike is a Finnish price comparison website with a focus on apparel, furniture, home decor, and sports product categories. The website receives over 150,000 monthly visitors.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is the go-to advertising platform for many brands in Finland and around the world. Google Shopping is used by millions of people globally to find deals and compare prices.

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