Sell on more marketplaces with ease

Improve performance while freeing up internal resources

Scale your marketplace growth

Scale your marketplace growth

While most product searches start on Amazon, success in modern commerce demands a broader, more connected selling strategy.

Giving consumers the ability to buy your products anytime, anywhere means having a presence on established and emerging channels, and the tech to fulfill orders quickly and efficiently.

With its powerful feed management platform, automated order management technology, and full-service support team, Feedonomics enables brands and retailers to take advantage of the omnichannel opportunity.

Learn how Feedonomics can help expand your marketplace business.

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Expand to new channels while saving time and resources

"If we had to build all those connections to the marketplaces, it would have been maybe months of projects at least, if not more. So it would have been hundreds of thousands of dollars—to invest in creating and maintaining that—that we don't have to spend."

down arrow 43%

Feedonomics customers spend 43% less time per week on feed management.

According to a 2023 Feedonomics customer survey

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Sell more products on multiple channels

"Ever since we launched with Feedonomics, every month since then has essentially been the best month we've ever had on record."

According to a 2023 Feedonomics survey, the average marketplace customer sees:

up arrow 21%

channel revenue

up arrow 18%


up arrow 18%


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Protect your listings and revenue with data safeguards

"I think the biggest compliment I can give Feedonomics is that we don't really notice them, which is perfect because that means everything is working the way it's supposed to be running."

down arrow 50%

Feedonomics reduces the frequency of weekly product errors, warnings, and suspensions by nearly 50%.

up arrow 70%

When errors do occur, our team helps solve them 70% faster.

According to a 2023 Feedonomics customer survey

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Keep your business running smoothly with dedicated support

"The biggest thing for me is the time management of not having to worry about the APIs, setting everything up. When I have an issue, I trust that I can just email my Feedonomics team directly, and they'll get it taken care of…Being a team of one, the less stress I can put on myself for these day-to-day things, the better."

+6 channels

Enabled Groove Life to add six new marketplaces

Freed up time

Allowed marketplace team to focus on strategy and growth

Prevent overselling and product disapprovals with Event-Based Real-Time Sync

Find out more about Event-Based Real-Time Sync

Bridging order management and fulfillment

Bridging order management and fulfillment
  • Import orders from different marketplaces into your ecommerce platform or order management system (OMS)
  • Send fulfillment info from your OMS back to those marketplaces
  • Sync orders and inventory reductions in your system

Feedonomics also supports:

Instant commerce programs

Instant commerce programs

Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment

Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment

Order routing and splitting capabilities

Order routing and splitting capabilities

Partner programs

Omni partner program

Our program provides additional growth opportunities, such as access to beta features, pilot programs, and free omnichannel consultations.

Channel support

Feedonomics can send your product catalog to 300-plus global marketplaces.

Channel support

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