Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment via Feedonomics

Streamline order management with industry-leading technology and integration support from our full-service team

Supported Channels

Leverage Amazon’s fulfillment network and expertise to
power the growth of your ecommerce business

Companies around the world depend on Amazon to deliver their customer orders on time, every time, through any off-Amazon channel including their direct-to-consumer (DTC) websites, other ecommerce marketplaces, and social media shops

Why Amazon MCF?

Superior delivery performance

Delight customers with >97% on-time delivery rate and deliveries made seven days a week

Fast fulfillment

Deliver orders as quickly as one day after their ship date

Reduced operating costs

Enjoy low, predictable pricing for fulfillment and storage and up to 50% discounts on multi-unit orders

Real-time order tracking

Receive tracking numbers within 24 hours of orders being placed, and monitor the progress of orders from click to delivery


Access the full range of
MCF features

Unbranded packaging

Ship your orders automatically in unbranded packaging*, at no additional cost to you

Block Amazon Logistics

Utilize the option to block Amazon Logistics as a carrier 

Enjoy advanced control of
your data

Keep fulfillment options flexible

Create order routing rules to utilize MCF in parallel with other fulfillment methods

Route orders based on defined criteria

Use business rules and formulas to route orders based on SKU, brand name, product category, product availability, and more

Shipping method mapping

Map the sales channel’s shipping method to Amazon shipping method schema

Streamline your fulfillment

View orders from all marketplaces in a single dashboard, and set pricing or inventory rules on a per-channel basis

Protect your seller rating and optimize your assortment

Avoid order cancellations with inventory buffers that reserve stock for low-inventory or high-velocity products, and allocate inventory across channels

Our fully managed solutions for advertising channels and marketplaces help you:

Reach more customers and improve performance

“Ever since we launched with Feedonomics, every month since then has essentially been the best month we've ever had on record...Our Amazon sales in 2023 are already more than all of 2022 combined.”

Save time and development resources

“Before partnering with Feedonomics, I was working as a team of one managing our Amazon account. We hadn’t thought of expanding to other marketplaces just due to the workload it would entail. Once I found Feedonomics, we quickly jumped from one marketplace to a total of eight now in a matter of months. Feedonomics has been a game changer!”

Protect your data and keep customers happy

“I think the biggest compliment that I can give Feedonomics is that we don’t really notice them, which is perfect because that means everything’s running the way it is supposed to be running. If there’s ever an issue, the Feedonomics team jumps on it right away and gets it fixed. They are really quick to get back to us and explain what’s going on.”

Maintain business continuity with a dedicated feed team

“The full service Feedonomics has provided has led us to consider them an invaluable partner. They’re always ready to dig in and help solve a problem at any hour of the day and provide great insight and data that’s integral in shaping our business strategy.”

Support for the top channels and platforms

Supported Channels

Supported channels

Feedonomics connects with hundreds of channels, including 300+ global marketplaces

Supported Platforms

Supported platforms

Feedonomics integrates with the top ecommerce platforms and fulfillment solutions

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*Note that as of December 2022, MCF’s unbranded packaging feature does not include non-sortable inventory that exceeds 18 x 14 x 8 inches and/or 20 pounds