Flexible order routing & splitting via Feedonomics

Automate multi-channel order fulfillment with a scalable and reliable solution

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Ecommerce merchants can connect every part of their fulfillment operations to become more efficient.

With order routing and splitting, you can keep your customers happy by optimizing your fulfillment speed or setting up contingency plans to never miss an order. Feedonomics helps you reduce time, effort, and mistakes while making it possible to fulfill orders from wherever it suits you best. 

Order routing and splitting capabilities

Feedonomics gives you precise control over which fulfillment method your orders are sent to. By using custom rules, you can specify which orders and items are fulfilled through your ecommerce platform, OMS, warehouse, Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF), or other fulfillment solutions. Best of all, we handle the setup.

Feedonomics tailors the flow of order data to fit your needs; below are some common use-cases:

Example 1: A company has multiple brands but cannot create multiple marketplace seller accounts without unique business tax IDs. The company uses Feedonomics to route orders and even splits parts of the same order from one marketplace account to two BigCommerce stores and two Shopify stores.

Example 2: A company specifies which marketplace orders are routed to Amazon MCF and which orders are routed to its ecommerce store for fulfillment.

Route and split orders for use cases that include but are not limited to:

SKU mapping
Example: Route SKUs 1-50 to fulfillment method A and SKUs 51-100 to fulfillment method B

Example: If SKU is out of stock for fulfillment method A, route order to fulfillment method B

Example: Split line items from a single order that contains products from brands A and B to their respective ecommerce stores

Custom labels
Example: If custom label is “summer sale,” route order to warehouse B

Enjoy advanced control of your data

Combine order routing from Feedonomics with powerful catalog management to scale your ecommerce business. We provide all of the functionality you need, plus full-service support from our feed specialists.

Protect your seller rating and optimize your assortment

Avoid order cancellations with inventory buffers that reserve stock for low-inventory or high-velocity products, and allocate inventory across channels by your preference

Utilize Amazon MCF features

Use “Blank Box” delivery option, “Block Amazon Logistics,” and map shipping methods from other marketplaces to Amazon’s accepted values

View data in a unified dashboard

See your inventory from multiple fulfillment sources and filter based on availability or other values

Create unique and optimized exports for hundreds of sales channels

Combine data from multiple sources or use a single data source to unlock and scale your multichannel ecommerce capabilities

Our fully managed solutions for advertising channels and marketplaces help you:

Reach more customers and improve performance

“Ever since we launched with Feedonomics, every month since then has essentially been the best month we've ever had on record...Our Amazon sales in 2023 are already more than all of 2022 combined.”

Save time and development resources

“Before partnering with Feedonomics, I was working as a team of one managing our Amazon account. We hadn’t thought of expanding to other marketplaces just due to the workload it would entail. Once I found Feedonomics, we quickly jumped from one marketplace to a total of eight now in a matter of months. Feedonomics has been a game changer!”

Protect your data and keep customers happy

“I think the biggest compliment that I can give Feedonomics is that we don’t really notice them, which is perfect because that means everything’s running the way it is supposed to be running. If there’s ever an issue, the Feedonomics team jumps on it right away and gets it fixed. They are really quick to get back to us and explain what’s going on.”

Maintain business continuity with a dedicated feed team

“The full service Feedonomics has provided has led us to consider them an invaluable partner. They’re always ready to dig in and help solve a problem at any hour of the day and provide great insight and data that’s integral in shaping our business strategy.”

Support for the top channels and platforms

Supported Channels

Supported channels

Feedonomics connects with hundreds of channels, including 300+ global marketplaces

Supported Platforms

Supported platforms

Feedonomics integrates with the top ecommerce platforms and fulfillment solutions

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