The Psychology of Online Shopping With Dmitriy Ryzhiy, Feedonomics’ VP of Marketplaces

Why do people find online shopping so appealing? It seems like a no-brainer, but when you dissect the various stages of an online shopping experience, you notice various opportunities for merchants to increase customer satisfaction.

Feedonomics’ Vice President of Marketplaces, Dmitriy Ryzhiy, was recently featured as an ecommerce expert on TV talk show 逸凡風順 (“Smooth Sailing”) to discuss the psychology of online shopping. The show aired on prime time in North America, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and Singapore, hosted by Dr. Beryl Huang, a noted behavioral psychologist, author, speaker, and film producer. 

Dmitriy talks about how shopping in general empowers customers and makes them feel happy. He goes on to identify the reasons that shopping online also makes people feel good, by providing an experience that is distinct from shopping in person. 

Feedonomics’ solution for marketplaces can help merchants enhance the customer experience that Dmitriy highlights by making the right products easier to find, enabling seamless checkout by syndicating entire product catalogs on marketplaces, and improving the quality of data in your product listings. 

To see Dmitriy’s thoughts about how commerce has changed and why people love shopping online, check out the clip below: