We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating—the pandemic accelerated online shopping so quickly that mastering multichannel ecommerce became imperative for merchants across the globe. 

Australia is no exception to the worldwide surge of online shopping over the past two years—a record 82% of Australian households made online purchases in 2020—and millions of them are first-time shoppers. What’s more, Australian buyers expect their online shopping frequency to remain nearly 30% higher than pre-pandemic levels once the health crisis subsides. For businesses, it’s important to meet this growing demand by expanding to new ecommerce channels and adopting scalable technology for the long-term. 

At Feedonomics, we’re excited to help businesses reach more shoppers in Australia. To accomplish this, we’ve partnered with leading channels like Kogan and Catch and added team members on the ground to support merchants who want to sell products on more of the top marketplaces in Australia (see our Feedo Spotlight on Tim Stratford, one of the people leading the APAC expansion, below).

Feedonomics’ full-service solution for marketplaces supports the best channels to sell on in Australia, and we continue to expand our offering to include more marketplaces around the world every year. Our marketplace feed specialists help merchants go to market with optimised product catalogues that improve the search relevancy of their product listings and drive more sales, too. These are some of Australia’s best marketplaces that Feedonomics supports with automated product listing, catalogue optimisation, and order and inventory management.

Top 5 Australian Marketplaces (And Another From New Zealand)


eBay is one of the most widely recognized marketplaces around the world, and eBay AU receives more than 68 million visits per month. The site remains the most frequented online shopping destination in Australia, but other ecommerce sites in Australia have carved out an increasing market share for themselves over the past five years. Merchants can take advantage of the familiarity that Australian shoppers have developed with eBay over the years, as well as programs like eBay Promoted Listings to further boost the visibility of their products. 


Despite only being around for a few years in the country, Amazon is already the second-largest online marketplace in Australia, with more than 40 million visits per month. Much like eBay, Amazon is known for listing everything shoppers want. In the US, Amazon has made a name for itself with a smooth customer experience and lightning-fast delivery, and seeks to do the same in Australia. However, the country’s population is very spread out, which presents a challenge for speedy fulfilment. As Amazon’s growth surges, it’s only natural that the company is making major efforts to strengthen its delivery capabilities in Australia. Merchants stand to benefit from listing products on a site that has a big name and plenty of resources to consistently improve the customer experience and meet consumer demand. 


Due to Kogan’s continuous growth and popular demand, Feedonomics recently partnered with and built a direct integration to the marketplace. Our full-service marketplace solution now supports catalogue optimisation, product listing, and order management for Kogan, which enables merchants to efficiently list products according to the channel’s best practices, and process orders through their ecommerce platform. Kogan boasts five years of consecutive growth, and its active customer base has grown by 46% since June 2020. The site receives more than 12 million monthly visits

Interested in selling products on Australia’s best marketplaces? Find out how our full-service solution automates product listing and order management.


With more than 9 million monthly visits and 3 million active customers, Catch is another one of Australia’s premier marketplaces for reaching online shoppers, and it continues to grow at a rapid pace. We recently partnered with Catch to offer a direct integration to the marketplace and help merchants expand their brand presence. In July 2020, Catch received more than 25,000 orders daily, with an average cart size of more than four items.


Etsy is a well-known and trusted marketplace for customers who like to find unique products, such as handcrafted or vintage items, and is a great place to sell craft supplies, jewellery, apparel, household decor, and more. Etsy receives nearly 12 million monthly visits from Australia alone, and stands to benefit from the growth of Australian marketplaces as a whole. In 2020, more than 20% of online shoppers in Australia made a purchase from an online store they hadn’t purchased from before. 

Trade Me

Trade Me is based in New Zealand, but warrants consideration on our list because marketplaces in New Zealand and Australia regularly attract visitors from either country. Trade Me is the most popular ecommerce and auction site in New Zealand, with more than 18 million visits per month and more than 5 million registered members. Shoppers can find a wide variety of products, including automobiles, apparel, electronics, and much more. To set themselves apart from casual sellers, businesses can create a Trade Me Store to promote their brand and gain consumer trust. 

Australia is a booming market for ecommerce growth, especially as online marketplaces surge in popularity with Australian consumers. Feedonomics offers full-service feed management for marketplaces to help businesses syndicate their product catalogues across multiple channels, and manage their orders efficiently from one centralized platform. Contact our team today to see how we can help you scale your ecommerce business.