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A multichannel order management solution

Feedonomics for Marketplaces

Feedonomics for Marketplaces is a fully managed solution that automates product listing, order, and inventory management via one centralized platform. Click on the links below to learn more about its core services:

Dedicated feed managers and marketplace specialists

  • Full-service support that includes data implementations and ongoing feed maintenance
  • Dedicated point of contact for onboarding and regular account reviews
  • Partnerships with all major marketplaces for efficient escalation handling
  • 24/7 support and industry-leading response times
  • Expert account management to guide channel expansion strategy
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Integrations with your existing platforms

  • Leverage your existing systems and processes, without the need to rip and replace
  • Sync data from your ecommerce platform, order management system (OMS), product information management solution, enterprise resource planning software, and other systems
  • Use Feedonomics for Marketplaces as an out-of-the-box solution for ecommerce platforms, such as Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Salesforce, and more
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Channel expertise and expansion opportunities

Feedonomics has integrations with 150+ global marketplace channels and partnerships with all major marketplaces to effectively support clients. New channel support is added on a regular basis.

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product feed platform
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Global support and operations

Feedonomics is the preferred solution for thousands of brands, retailers, and agencies

6+ billion

SKUs processed daily


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A centralized data management platform

  • Manage your ecommerce marketplace business from a single platform
  • Automate time-consuming tasks and consolidate orders
  • Free up internal IT resources from integration maintenance
  • Expand to new channels quickly with our pre-built integrations
optimized product listings

Learn why thousands of brands and retailers prefer Feedonomics as their multichannel order management solution

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Automated catalog listing and product updates

  • Manage content on marketplaces from one centralized platform
  • Import and combine product catalog data from multiple sources
  • Automate new product listing and catalog data updates
  • Map and optimize data to comply with marketplace requirements
  • Transform data with rules based on any criteria or attribute
  • No strict data or file format requirements
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Data optimization at scale

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Create clean and consistent product titles, descriptions, and bullet points

product feed optimization

Populate all marketplace attributes based on available product data

inventory management

Ensure accurate and granular product categorization

listing management

Format data based on each marketplace’s best practices

Order synchronization

  • Consolidate and sync order data from all marketplaces
  • Use your existing systems and process to fulfill marketplace orders
  • Insert orders directly into your ecommerce platform or OMS
  • Send order fulfillment information back to marketplaces
  • Update as often as every 15 minutes
  • Configure order data transformation rules to comply with your downstream systems
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Pricing and inventory management

  • Sync inventory quantity across all sales channels
  • Set up inventory threshold and allocation rules to prevent overselling
  • Combine inventory data from multiple sources
  • Create pricing rules based on variables like cost of goods and marketplace commissions
  • Publish unified or channel-specific pricing based on your strategy
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Data integrity


Create governance rules to safeguard your business


Stop exports and/or send alerts when bad data is detected


Get notified when products are missing key attributes


Set up additional rules for any custom conditions

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Flat monthly cost


Feedonomics doesn’t take a percentage of revenue


We offer pricing at a fixed monthly cost

Learn why thousands of brands and retailers prefer Feedonomics as their multichannel order management solution

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