PriceGrabber Category Taxonomy

The PriceGrabber Category Taxonomy and category list can be found here.

PriceGrabber categories can be quite intimidating with a large base of around a thousand categories.

PriceGrabber has a convenient tool that enables you to select from a drop down menu of top-level categories that continues to drill-down by sub-category until a ‘Choose This Category’ button becomes active and available for clicking. At this point, the most specific path to the product you wish to list on PriceGrabber will have been reached.

Categories can also be mapped in bulk on PriceGrabber. Again, the top-level category is selected and the same process as for individual products is followed but applied on the bulk group of products.

PriceGrabber was recently acquired by Connnexity so the category taxonomy of PriceGrabber will more than likely consolidate under Shopzilla.

Granularity is of utmost importance in terms of categorization. Having a good category will effect the category aligning with your rate card which dictates the minimum CPC’s for the category and sub-categories of your products.

If you’ve ever found yourself asking how do I map my products to PriceGrabber categories, we can actually do all the heavy lifting! We have a function that can easily map your categories from Google Shopping to every other engine, including PriceGrabber.