Hudson’s Bay Marketplace is a Canadian-based channel with 4.2 million weekly visitors. 

What do I need to set up a Hudson’s Bay Marketplace seller account?

To get started on Hudson’s Bay Marketplace, merchants must first fill out an application with basic business information, including: 

  • Brand name
  • Product categories
  • Other marketplaces you sell on
  • If you currently ship to Canada or have a distribution center in Canada
  • If you are a black, indigenous, people of color-owned or -designed company

Upon approval, the Hudson’s Bay team will send you a marketplace contract. You will also need to complete your seller profile and set up a payment method before you can upload your products.

After the onboarding process has been completed, the Hudson Bay team reviews your merchant profile one last time before your store goes live. 

What are the commission rates and fees on Hudson’s Bay Marketplace? 

Hudson’s Bay Marketplace requires a monthly $29.99 fee from merchants, plus a commission rate between 12% and 20%, depending on the product category. For merchants selling from outside of Canada, there is a duties/customs charge reflected to customers at checkout.

What are the image requirements on Hudson’s Bay Marketplace? 

Hudson’s Bay Marketplace accepts the following file types for images: 

  • PNG
  • JPG
  • PSD
  • TIF

Image sizes should fit these requirements:

  • Resolution: 300 ppi
  • Min width: 3000px
  • Min height: 3000px

The first picture must be an image of the product shot against a white background. For apparel categories such as swimwear, dresses, coats, etc., a product image must be shot on a live model. Any images for these product categories shot on mannequins or tabletops will be rejected. Products such as gloves, jewelry, cosmetics, handbags, hats, etc., should have tabletop, lay-down, or on-form images. 

Do I need approval to list in certain categories on Hudson’s Bay Marketplace?

Hudson’s Bay Marketplace approves products at a brand and category level before a merchant is signed. After approval, merchants are free to control their assortment at a product level. Certain items have restrictions that sellers are informed of before the contract is signed. 

Are UPCs or GTINs required to sell on Hudson’s Bay Marketplace?

Yes, Hudson’s Bay Marketplace requires you to have UPCs or GTINs for your products, but exceptions are occasionally made by the Hudson’s Bay team after discussions with the merchant. 

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