How Feedonomics and Shipstation Helped Survival Frog Reduce Costs and Recover Profits

Survival Frog is an online retailer that sells survival gear, kits, and food. A few years back, they needed to restructure their business operations after a decrease in demand led to a 66% drop in revenue. To increase their efficiency and reduce costs, they looked for ways to simplify their operations and automate what they could. Feedonomics was one of the companies that was able to help them with feed optimization for their different marketing channels.

By using Feedonomics, Survival Frog was able to quickly update their inventory across multiple selling channels. Synching their inventory quantities with little delay allowed them to accurately report when products were out of stock. By doing this, Survival Frog was able to avoid advertising products that weren’t available, saving on ad spend.

Feedonomics also optimized Survival Frog’s product data to maximize performance. We ensured that their product listings used each channel’s best practices, and we worked to resolve any errors and disapprovals to get as many products listed as possible. Granular categorization of their product types gave them more flexibility and control over the segmentation of their ad campaigns, and applying accurate Google Product Categories improved their products’ search relevancy, increasing the likelihood of their products being discovered.

Survival Frog also used ShipStation to manage their fulfillment. When they decided to switch from in-house fulfillment to Synergy, a third-party logistics provider, ShipStation allowed them to make that change seamlessly and cut costs on warehouse operations.

The result of all these changes was inspiring. Through working with Feedonomics, ShipStation, and Synergy, Survival Frog was able to get their profits back to where they were before!