Ebay Commerce Network Taxonomy

There are around one thousand categories in the Ebay Commerce Network Taxonomy. Categories provide breadcrumbs in order to help describe a product’s classification. Ebay Commerce Network Categories are recommended but not required. For example, if you wanted to classify a Nikon SLR digital camera, it would be classified under ‘Electronics > Digital Cameras’  according to the suggested Ebay Commerce Network Taxonomy.   Ebay Commerce Network Taxonomy can also be found by querying the ECN API where every category will be associated to a form id so that the a BEFID parameter can be used. The query can be built by using single or full level taxonomy.

If you’ve ever found yourself asking how do I map my products to Ebay Commerce Network categories, we can actually do all the heavy lifting! We have a function that can easily map your categories from Google Shopping to every other engine, including Ebay Commerce Network.