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What is remarketing?

Remarketing is a method of advertising which tracks a user’s interactions with your website. The user then leaves your website. The advertiser is now able to lure the user to return and complete an action on the website by sending him tailor made ads.

We are using a car dealership as an example, and a man named Bob who wants to buy a car.

Bob wants to buy a used 2018 Honda Accord. He visits a few websites that all have similar offers that appeal to him. Bob is confused where to buy the car. The first online dealer Bob visited was tracking which page bob was interested and is now able to send Bob a custom ad with all the details that will bring Bob back to his website. This dealership made sure he was top of mind and allowed an easy route back to his website to complete the sale. This is remarketing in a nutshell.

What happens if Bob decided to go onto Facebook while making his decision?

Remarketing is available on most platforms. While Bob is on Facebook you can send him a custom ad to try get him to return to your website and finish the transaction or possibly request a test drive.

Now what happens if all the websites Bob visited when looking for the car had remarketing?

Excellent question. And this is where working with an experienced company like Feedonomics makes sense. The “Dynamic” ad creation process will make sure your ad is highly relevant to Bob and the advertising platform. This in turn will give you better remarketing exposure and your ad will be more appealing to Bob.

The technical details

  • A unique ID is created (We use the VIN number)
  • An item title is created (We combine the year, make, model into a single string. So, the “ad title” might look something like “2010 Toyota Corolla Sport”.
  • The display URL is dynamically generated which is known to increase ad scores.
  • The final URL: This can be a little challenging sometimes because the inventory feeds we get don’t include URLs for the vehicles. So, we must build URLs from data available in the inventory feed.
  • In addition to these minimum requirements, we recommend using as many additional attributes as possible. We include:
    • A second ID
    • An image URL
    • Item subtitles
    • Item description
    • The item addresse
    • Price
    • Contextual keywords

3rd party sellers – we crawl your auto partner websites creating dynamic ads

Feedonomics has experience with large automotive campaigns. We have seen incredible success using dynamically generated ads. Best part is we offer full-service. Let us do the heavy lifting. Speak to a sales consultant by clicking the demo button below.

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