BREAKING - Massive Shopify Outage

As of 2:15pm PST, there has been a massive outage of Shopify storefronts, admin, and checkout pages.

Hundreds of users on Twitter are upset that customers can’t buy their products during peak hours.

The outage has also severely limited Shopify APIs, which has the potential to affect any applications that interact with Shopify via API.

We are the first (and as of this writing, the only) feed platform to notice that the Shopify APIs are yielding inconsistent results, and often not returning any data. Moreover, our automated monitoring immediately notified us that the Shopify APIs weren’t working properly. Feedonomics order integration through FeedAMP will continue to work because we have retry conditions.

Fortunately Feedonomics has protections built in to prevent incomplete exports from going out, so you can rest easy.

We will be updating as Shopify resolves these errors.

Check out for more info.

Update: August 9th 7:24pm PST –  Everything is working again.

Update: August 9th 6:05pm PST –  3 hours later, and still no fix from Shopify.

shopify api status


shopify api status fixed