eCommerce Tips – Vivre, Meridian Knowledge Solutions, and Limitless Designs

It’s time to start planning your marketing strategy for the holiday season. We’ve collected tips from Vivre, Meridian Knowledge Solutions, and Limitless Designs on the best ways to prepare for Black Friday and the holidays.

Black Friday and Holidays are a great opportunities for all e-commerce platforms to grow their business. We’d like to provide a few tips that, in our experience, will help get ready for this major event. Have in mind that this is a perfect period to turn seasonal shoppers into year-round customers if all goes well.

  1. Prepare an irresistible offer (from stocks to prices) – Since this is the most important shopping time of the year, you should provide the best things money can buy. One way to attract customers is using jaw-dropping prices on popular items.
  2. Take into account the customers that are already doing their research – You can promote your upcoming sale offer by writing articles about it and posting them on your platform – and even on your partners’ websites!
  3. Practice makes perfect – Test everything from your ads set-up to your website – this includes your product feeds, which form the basis of your advertising activity. It would be great to have a second plan, just in case something doesn’t work: back-up ad sets, feeds and even servers; this way, your website will pull through the besiege of excited customers.
  4. Make it perfect down to the last detail – You’d think that after the big event you can start relaxing – unfortunately, it’s not over. Make sure your customer and delivery services are on point. Once they see it’s not all about the money, this will build trust with your clients.
  5. Build the future – After everything has settled, reflect on what worked and what didn’t. This way, you’ll know the steps that you need to work on for next year.

Irina Munteanu – Performance Marketing Specialist

Be aware of all other promotions or action items other departments have during that time. Large brands tend to have multiple arms to their marketing teams and someone may have plans of implementing a solution that may interfere with yours. I have worked with some clients in the past that had a separate department run an onsite interstitial that interfered with their abandon cart incentives. Confirm what campaign content will be running on your site to eliminate conflicting user experience. Ensure your product feeds have the correct promotions tagged. Have a plan to measure success and identify the tools you will use to measure success. Test those tools, don’t assume anything. Oftentimes, tracking may break, websites get updated and pixels get removed. Having a proactive plan, that is validated and rehearsed before your campaigns run will save you a lot of heartache.

Karla Tobin – Senior Digital Marketing Manager
Meridian Knowledge Solutions

Black Friday shoppers have been waiting for this day to get the best deal possible, and they’ve likely already done their research. To make sure they buy from you, and not a competitor, let them know ahead of time that the product(s) they’re interested in will be going on sale on Black Friday. To do this, retarget them throughout the web with ads that show the specific products they viewed on your website and include a call-to-action to get a notification when the product goes on sale. Give them multiple options to get notified such as via email, text, Whatsapp, or Facebook Messenger. Then make sure to contact them before your competition does, and you’ll increase your chances of converting them before they spend their money elsewhere!

Michael Folling – Founder
Limitless Designs