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Black Five-day eCommerce Tips – Philly Marketing Labs, Ferguson Enterprises, and Off Broadway Shoes

It’s time to start planning your digital campaign strategy for the holiday season. We’ve collected tips from Merkle and Yahoo! on the best ways to prepare for Black Five-day and the holidays.

Communication, communication, communication. Strategy, sound account structures, starting early, etc. are all very important to focus on for the holiday season, but nothing matters if the execution isn’t perfect. To execute perfectly, you must communicate often and effectively within your team and with your client (or vendor, if you are the client). Putting everything in writing with your client (or your agency team) in terms of promo dates, promo messaging, budgets, check-in schedules & procedures, and all other expectations is imperative, and creating easily accessible checklists, procedures, and documents internally around these important items is time well spent. Not only will overcommunication ensure the account performs well across some of the biggest days of the year, but it will also minimize stress & pressure as check-ins & work can be divided among team members over what is a holiday weekend for many.

Adrian Troy – Senior Manager, SEM

With a holiday season kicking off nearly a week later than 2018, not all consumers will wait until the holiday rush to start crossing items off their wishlists. In fact, 31% of all holiday shopping takes place before Cyber Weekend.1

Marketers are tasked with seamlessly driving consumers through the purchase funnel starting with early research, and into peak holiday season. So, what are the most effective ad formats to beat the holiday crunch?

Native ads are built for commerce and work across the funnel. They are encourage product exploration and can eliminate steps to conversion. Mobile native formats, in particular, are effective at driving conversions.

One of the native formats built for commerce is dynamic product ads. Marketers should use these ads to retarget high-intent users based on past shopping behavior, mail subscriptions, search patterns, or abandoned carts. Dynamic product ads offer features ranging from carousel to coupons and are able to turn your holiday promotion calendar into a “deals feed” that dynamically prospects users.

Leveraging mobile Native ads and DPA will help advertisers connect with consumers and drive meaningful engagement.

Missy Schnurstein – Head of Native Sales