Singles Day eCommerce Tips – Flyin, WundermanThompson, and BASIX
Singles Day eCommerce Tips – Flyin, WundermanThompson, and BASIX

It’s time to start planning your eCommerce online strategy for the holiday season. We’ve collected tips from Flyin, WundermanThompson, and BASIX on the best ways to prepare for Black Friday and the holidays.

Mix between flash/big sale and tactical offers, the flash sale offers (for example 50% flight ticket discount for first 2 bookings) always guarantee the highest cap of engagement and reach whether the tactical offer (for example 10% discount on hotels booking) guarantee maximizing the sales.

Don’t treat your offer as a secret and make sure that your potential customer knows about it and waiting for it before launching it with a decent period and applying this strategy you will make sure that you have booked a space in their crowded mind.

Hossam Moharam – Digital Marketing Manager

While Black Friday may all be about deep discounts it’s a finite benefit. Buy Now and get X% discount and this party may last not last too long.

Hence the focus on delivering infinite value through aspiration and self-love has a much better return on investment vs finite monetary benefits straight up.

A majority of sales have been contributing by customers born in the 1990s and later. This target audience has a penchant for novelty aspirations and thrives itself on self-love. Singletons across are eager to get something nice for the person in the mirror.

Think of personalized shopping experiences whether it is Mars launching a new Snickers bar with Kansas BBQ or Listerine with a rosemary mouthwash.

Be fearless with your branding and effort – think of ways to translate brand equity to revenue. Brands that are straight-up eccentric and outlandish stand out from the bloody merrymaking. Flashy colors, fun characters, and complex promotions are all favorites in the Asian market, so don’t be shy about your efforts. Make sure everyone knows you are getting your Black Friday love on!

Ashley Amanna – Commerce Lead SEA

Audit your website. With more and more shopping taking place online, you’ll want to make sure your website is optimized to convert. Study your user’s experience on your site with heat mapping tools like Crazy Egg. Figure out where the pain points are on your website and adapt. Perform A/B testing with Google Optimize to help streamline the online experience and purchasing process. Make it easier for your customers to do business with you. Even small changes in the layout and design can move the needle on your conversion rates. The effort will pay off long after the holiday season is over.

Nick Fischer – Founder