Cyber Monday eCommerce Tips – Spectrum Group Online, Pepe Mickler, and PPC Geeks

It’s time to start planning your eCommerce campaign strategy for the holiday season. We’ve collected tips from Spectrum Group Online, Pepe Mickler, and PPC Geeks on the best ways to prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

  • Start early (~ 1 month ahead of time) to accumulate momentum and build robust remarketing lists.
  • Use remarketing lists for display ads and search ads, and customize your ads to different lists.
  • A/B test all the time. Test various title and description permutations. Very subtle differences can cause a huge difference in performance, so you may need to rotate through a few to find great combinations.
  • Take advantage of the new Google Ads Lead Form Extensions for getting more leads.
  • Prepare any social, email, website content, even offline campaigns/events accordingly to synchronize with your paid campaigns.
  • Review last year’s results and optimize accordingly.
  • Get the attention of gift-givers and last-minute gift shoppers. Use language like “xx days remaining” or “don’t miss out…”

Yuan Feng – Digital Marketing Specialist
The Spectrum Group Online

Tips for Black Friday preparations:

  • Have enough extra budget as it gonna be more expensive in paid media within the converting, in-market segments
  • Choose your targeting groups more wisely, which means have your data, lists and feeds ready for converting audience and Margen articles.
  • Lower your ROI goal but do more revenue while selling more units in a shorter time.
  • Use AI automation bidding if possible as with Google ads and SA360.
  • Be sure to have enough articles and products in stock!
  • Prepare for fast selling processes – have a proven and working e-commerce funnel. Have all paying possibilities on board.
  • Proofed pixel, tracking all over the channels implemented. So out of 5 hard-selling days, you might make 5 weeks as with nurturing the data or via retargeting.

Pepe Mickler – Former Director Performance in B2C and B2B

Black Friday is a peak shopping day where customers are pressured against the clock to make a purchase decision, or risk losing out on discounts.

So, should someone visit your site, make sure every click is driven by a desire to progress and not frustration or confusion.

Things that frustrate us in retail stores at peak shopping times, are similar annoyance points in the digital world and should be avoided or minimalised, well before the start of Black Friday

  • Slow service – Slow website speed – Optimise your site and key pages as much as possible, especially on mobile
  • Inaccessible store – Website is down – Avoid any unnecessary downtime or risk instantly losing the customer
  • Hard to find product – Poor navigation – Whether you have thousands or 10 products, keep the navigation simple
  • Cheaper elsewhere – Whether its a website or a store, if your deal isn’t good enough, don’t expect the user to hang around
  • Long checkout process – A lost sale at checkout is heart-breaking and far too common. Don’t put the customer off with endless tick boxes or sign-ups.

A good deal is just the start, with the sale made more likely by a positive and easy buying experience.

Matt Ramsay – Senior Client Manager
PPC Geeks