Black Fiveday eCommerce Tips – Rover, GroupM Ireland, and Infogroup

It’s time to start planning your digital marketing strategy for the holiday season. We’ve collected tips from Rover, GroupM Ireland, and Infogroup on the best ways to prepare for Black Friday and the holidays.

Keep your audience strategy, particularly remarketing, top-of-mind for the holidays. If you don’t have remarketing lists already, now is a great time to build them out to leverage at this time next year. If you do have audiences built, customize your ad copy for users who’ve already been on the site and are familiar with your brand, or deploy customer match lists to target past holiday purchasers. Try layering remarketing lists as “targeting” with general sale keywords (e.g. Black Friday furniture sale) to capture broader, but still qualified traffic.

Jaimee LaTorra – Sr Paid Search Manager

How to spiff up your shopping activity and enter the holiday season arena stress-free? Your cruising speed lays between keyword implementation, feed segmentation, price monitoring, audience targeting with a focus overall on profitability.

  • Review your product titles as it is the “jack of all trades” of your feed. Prioritize the SKUs based on your success metrics.
  • Early Segmentation is queen: Different SKUs have different profit margins, adopt a single SKU bidding strategy but keep in mind the learning period of your bidding strategy of choice.
  • Price competitiveness, few cents can make a huge difference. Be smart, open the doors of your store to your audience. Think smart; a low priced SKU can drive clicks and augment the chances of a conversion, see it as an opportunity to amplify your reach.
  • Audiences are kings: leverage customer match and affinity audiences if they rolled out on time by Google: For example brand VS non-brand combined with a tailored bidding strategy.
  • Coordinate your tech partners and internal teams, include late-comers and old classics – all should be involved in a successful holiday season strategy.

Amandine Dovelos – Search Manager
GroupM Ireland

Data is as important as a good idea. Use your best customer data and buying trend data to help identify both audience look-a-likes and your best product opportunities. Develop ad messaging based on this information and deliver ad experiences through variation, not redundancy. Inconsistency creates mistrust so make it easy for people to find your advertised promotions and products on your website. Finally, leverage UX data and machine learning to serve relevant and supplemental products to help keep customers engaged in their shopping experience.

Lisa Muzic – Digital Marketing Director