Black Friday and Cyber Monday eCommerce Tips – MAXtech Agency, RevLocal, and Status Forward

It’s time to start planning your marketing campaigns for the holiday season. We’ve collected tips from MAXtech Agency, RevLocal, and Status Forward on the best ways to prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

It’s that time of year again, holiday shopping season is approaching, and it’s kicked off with Black Friday Weekend sales. With so many people doing their shopping online these days, utilizing Google Shopping can lead to lots of conversions–if you utilize it correctly. Check out these tips to help you optimize your Google Shopping strategy:

Google Merchant Center: Make sure you set up your Google Merchant Center fully and completely. Use custom labels to create unique definitions for the products you want to sell.

Negative keywords: You can filter who sees your ad by using negative keywords to target the right audience looking for products like yours.

Priority funnels: Use sales funnels with priorities (i.e., high, mid and low) to concentrate on the keywords that perform the best and the easiest sales to convert. With that, make sure you use negative keywords for products you want to sell.

Bid smart: Make sure you bid up on keywords for products you want to sell Black Friday weekend while keeping your margins in mind.

Jason Garcia – Digital Marketing Production Manager
MAXtech Agency

Regardless of your business type, it’s essential to stay in front of your target audience throughout the year. However, it’s even more important to reach them during the holiday or peak season! During this time of year, the market is flooded with competition, so your business should utilize multiple channels to reach consumers during every stage of the buying journey.

Consider using social media to share holiday tips and recipes, running awareness ads as well as keyword bidding and serving retargeting ads to your website visitors to keep them engaged. Also, creating an email strategy during the holidays shouldn’t be undervalued. Emails allow you to reach loyal customers and offer exclusive discounts and specials, which can help your business stand out against the sea of competition.

Melissa Palmer – Director of Corporate Marketing

If you lack time and resources (who doesn’t) then efficiency is key, especially during the holiday season. To maximize impact, I recommend producing pieces of content that can serve multiple purposes – specifically, gift guides. Write a page or post on your site highlighting the best products you offer that serve as gifts. It’s best if you can create more niche pages based on specific audiences.

Sample Post Topics:

  • Holiday gifts for little brothers
  • Best gifts for honey lovers 
  • Gifts for vet techs
  • Good gifts for Leos

If you have more time and resources, develop several posts. Each post has good SEO potential, meaning it can earn traffic organically from search results, especially if you post it earlier in the season.

Once your posts are created you can plug them into your email marketing and, more importantly, paid social media marketing. The better you can craft your audiences to match your post, the better your conversions will be when you promote your post. Don’t forget to create an engaging and catchy post title.

Leah Quintal – Digital Marketing Strategist
Status Forward