Black Fiveday e-commerce tips - iProspect Brisbane, Allergy Buyers Club, and Initiative

It’s time to start planning your marketing strategy for the holiday season. We’ve collected tips from iProspect Brisbane, Allergy Buyers Club, and Initiative on the best ways to prepare for Black Five-day and the holidays.

Open up the flood gates by maximising budgets. eCommerce conversion rates typically increase during the Black Friday period – this is heavily driven by the fact that a greater pool of users become potential customers, beyond your key target segments, and because users have a higher purchase intent. As an example, one of our largest e-comm clients see their average conversion rate increase from 3% to 7%. By knowing this, it is an easy business and marketing decision to strategically push the budget as hard as possible to gain the highest possible SoV and in turn, the highest amount of online sales.

Selina Gough – Paid Media Director
iProspect Brisbane

Our company is eCommerce based, so Black Friday, as well as Cyber Monday, are hugely important to us. We’ve been planning for several months now, but the one thing we keep coming back to is making sure the discount we’re giving our customers is enticing enough! There’s a lot of competition out there and to stand out, you have to offer something your competitors aren’t. For us, that’s steep discounting on our air purifiers and other healthy home products.

Liz Morrison – Marketing Manager
Allergy Buyers Club

If you still think that Black Friday is just a one-day deal, you are wrong. For a couple of years now, Retailers are starting proposing their best deals more days ahead. Black Friday is like the official big opening of the whole holiday shopping season, and with a good reason, considering how the event is able to year after year influence shopping habits worldwide.

Here are a few tips to get ready for the coming Black Friday.

Start planning in time: Make sure shoppers are informed about the upcoming holiday sales well in advance, research shows that more and more shoppers start looking for deals weeks ahead the actual official day – and it’s wise to invest in showing these deals ahead of the competition when it comes to search. Be prepared to plan and build assets properly so shoppers can discover prior to the holidays. And leverage each purchase intent to drive action lower funnel. And don’t forget to be holistic in this approach.

Inventory level: Make sure the inventory is in line with the forecasting sales level – it’s wise to always be prepared during the holiday season to have enough items in reserve to meet the demand in the most excellent way. Inventory management is the base in providing the perfect customer experience and eventually loyalty after a few purchases are made.

Creatives, personalization, and relevancy: Prepare appealing creatives and relevant campaigns remembering also to create buzz around the upcoming deals, from email marketing campaigns with personalised content –more than half shoppers expect their purchase history to head to personalized user experience – to social media posts, and dedicated display ads, it’s important to engage deeply with costumers, create a sense of urgency and curiosity to ride the highest momentum during the Black Friday, or the holiday season.

Stay mobile-first: We already know that most of the purchases during BF and CB are made across mobile devices and this trend is expected to continue and increase if compare to desktop or tablet. Being mobile-first and provide an excellent user experience it’s a must to win the race within the holiday season.

Leverage retargeting of past visitors and shoppers: This strategy would allow in an easy way to reach out shoppers who already know your brand and made a purchase in the past, to then take advantage of the BF offers and repeat the purchase being very receptive to any specific and collateral offers. Implementing a proper targeting strategy allows brand to open a new channel of communication with shoppers old and new ones.

Don’t forget costumer marketing: Holiday seasons represent a good chance for brands to reconnect with old costumers to build or feed additionally the relationship. Many sales start with holiday email deals. Company should always take the chance to reach our past shoppers to offers their deals – providing an early bird offer and/or an exclusive deal for being part of a VIP program, this would reinforce the loyalty to the brand, and the chance for shoppers to repeat purchases all year long. Despite it’s then important for brands to stays relevant to their shoppers all year long.

Omni-channel experience: Be focus in creating a seamless omni-channel shoppers experience, taking advantage of this new eCommerce approach that is showing to win with in increasing conversion rate and loyalty.

Leverage your brick-mortar and if not, a holiday pop-up store to take all benefits that offline and online combined can provide when it comes to costumer journey and personalization. Last year has been registered a consistent increase in buy online and collect in store, and Company should keep this in mind and do all necessary to provide the most excellent experience.

Chiara Giovane – Global Lead – Director
Initiative – IPG Mediabrands