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Pinterest is a free website where users can upload and store images and other media content.


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How to create a Pinterest product feed

You can create a Pinterest business account here:

To be accepted, you will need to be a managed partner with over $10k per month in adspend for the platform.


Required Pinterest feed fields with a description of each field

Pinterest bases its model on Google Product Feed specifications. The labels and functionalities should match those found in Google, although some fields are treated differently.


Field Name Short Description
Product ID


Unique ID that is used to identify the item.


Product title


Product name or title. If product is a variant of a group, each variant must have the same title. The size and/or color field is required for each variant.
Product description


Short description of the product in plain text.
Google product category


Category the product is listed under, from the list of Google categories.
Product URL


Link to the product page on the website, or to other product if this is a variant or ‘child’ of another product.
Product image URL


Link to the product image on the website.
Product condition


Either ‘new’, ‘used’ or ‘refurbished’.
Product availability


Either ‘in stock’, ‘out of stock’ or ‘pre-order’.
Product price


Current price of product. Currency is optional.


Global trade identification number. Required if available.
Product group ID


Required for products with multiple variants.
Product color


Main color. Required for apparel.
Product gender


‘Male’, ‘female’ or ‘unisex’. Required where applicable.
Product age group


‘Newborn’, ‘infant’, ‘toddler’, ‘kids’ or ‘adult’. Required where applicable.


Optional Pinterest feed fields with a description of each field


Field Name Short Description
Product type


If required category field is not listed under Google categories, you can include it here.
Mobile URL


Mobile-optimized version of the product page on the website.
Additional image URL


Link to additional images of the product.
Product availability date


The date and time that the product becomes available.
Sale price


The discounted price of the product, in USD, without currency symbol.
Sale price date


The start and end dates of the sale.
Product brand


Brand or manufacturer of the product.


Manufacturer part/product number.
Identifier exists


Required field if no unique product identifier exists.
Product material


Material used to make the product, e.g. cotton.
Product pattern


Pattern of the product, e.g. striped.
Product size


Size of the product, e.g. small.
Size type


Additional size field, according to Google specifications (regular, petite, plus, big/tall, maternity).
Size system


Indicates the country’s sizing system being used.


Tax field with four attributes (country, region, rate, tax ship).


Shipping field with four attributes (country, region, service and price).
Shipping weight


Weight of product for shipping.
Shipping length


Length of product for shipping.
Shipping width


Width of product for shipping.
Shipping height


Height of product for shipping.
Shipping label


Can be used to add extra shipping attributes.


Number of products in the multipack.


Used for products that need to be labelled as adult.
AdWords attributesAdWords grouping, AdWords labels and AdWords redirect.
Custom labels for shopping campaigns


Used for custom grouping of items in a shopping campaign. You can use up to 5 customs labels, numbered 0-4.
Excluded destination


Prevents product from appearing in certain destinations.
Expiration date


For perishable items.
Unit pricing measure

<unit_pricing _measure>

The measure and dimension of the product, e.g. 225ml.
Unit pricing base measure


Base measure and dimension of the product, e.g. 100ml.
Promotion ID


Unique identifier of a promotion item.


What formats does Pinterest accept?

Files should be sent in either CSV or TSV format, although XML files are also accepted.


How to send your product feed to Pinterest

Files should be made available on your server via HTTP, HTTPS, SFTP or FTP. You will need to give details of URL where the file can be retrieved from.


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