Feed Optimization with Feedonomics leads to a 184% ROAS Increase on shopping campaigns after converting 29 feeds from a legacy feed platform.

Client Overview

This internet marketing agency is passionate about driving performance for both large and small clients alike. In addition to having several large eCommerce clients that are publicly traded, this agency also services eCommerce clients who have dozens of physical retail locations with famous brand name clothing and footwear clients.

The Challenge

Seeing the eCommerce side of their business grow by over 30% in the previous year, this marketing agency wasn’t happy with the legacy feed platform they were using. The clunky legacy feed software was difficult to use, had confusing user interfaces, and required a workaround every step of the way. To make matters worse, support tickets would take days and sometimes weeks to resolve.

These kinds of problems made it very difficult to manage 29 eCommerce accounts with millions of SKUs. This agency needed a holistic feed solution that wouldn’t just optimize feeds once, but would provide ongoing service and support.

The Feedonomics Solution

With a dedicated 24/7 full-service support team, Feedonomics helped transition this marketing agency’s 29 eCommerce clients. During the transition, the Feedonomics team also performed extensive audits to identify missed opportunities and optimization best practices to ensure the feeds would get the best possible performance across multiple channels.

Some of the implemented solutions include:

  • Provided one-on-one Feedonomics training sessions with all 8 SEM analysts on complete feed setups and best practices.
  • Optimized the raw data feed by adding the brand, color, size, and product type to titles and descriptions.
  • Recategorized all products for the various channels, as the previous categorization was either done too generally or just incorrectly.
  • Removed HTML and HTML Entities found in the titles and descriptions.
  • Helped fix the numerous Google Shopping policy disapprovals and suspensions.
  • Whereas before this agency had on average 1.2 channels per client, with Feedonomics this client expanded to 3.6 channels per client, including almost channels like: Google Shopping, Facebook Dynamic Product Ads, Bing Shopping, Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and Connexity.
  • Brought performance data into the feed itself so that unprofitable SKUs could be filtered out.
  • Created more powerful bid strategies using custom labels.

The Results


Increase in ROAS

Optimization Rules Created

Support Questions Answered Within Hours

Feeds Audited

Find out why the world’s most prolific brands and online retailers choose Feedonomics.