Large Department Store

Using FeedTelligence™, we identified missing converted search terms and added them to product titles. Impression Share skyrocketed by over 200% with a 117% increase in Revenue.


Large Department Store Feedonomics Client Success Story

Client Overview

A well-known chain of luxury department stores that sell a range of high-end products for women and men wanted to improve their online shopping campaigns.

Ovative Group, the store’s marketing agency, approached Feedonomics to help boost the store’s online performance through feed optimization. Feedonomics worked alongside Ovative Group to identify areas for improvement.

“We don’t believe in the set it and forget it approach for feeds.” – Brian Roizen, Chief Architect and Co-founder of Feedonomics

The Challenge

The stores product feed had already been optimized to best practices; meaning the products were correctly categorized and contained descriptive keywords like brand, color, size, and the product noun in the title.

How do you improve performance when a feed is already optimized? By looking at the keywords users are actually searching for on channels like Google Shopping.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to get missing keyword ideas on a per-SKU level when it comes to Google Shopping, let alone A/B test, by adding those keywords to product titles to ensure performance actually improves.

The Feedonomics Solution

FeedTelligence™ is a tool we’ve created to automatically compare your optimized feed with actual converted search terms. This allows you to see missing words from the title and split test to improve performance.

Ovative Group applied the results of the tool to a couple of the stores best selling products.

The Products to be Tested

1. The Hanacure All-in-One Facial Starter – one of the stores bestselling facial mask kits

FeedTelligence™ revealed that one of the most popular converted search terms was the descriptive phrase “face mask,” which was missing from the title.

2. Comme des Garçons Chuck Taylor 1970s Sneakers

The Comme des Garçons or CDG shoes are a unique collaboration between Converse and the celebrated footwear brand’s iconic Chuck Taylor 1970 sneakers. FeedTelligence™ identified that many users were converting off keywords that contained “Converse” and the acronym of Comme des Garçons – “CDG,” but neither of those two keywords were in the titles.

Missing keywords – Converse, CDG

Feedonomics helped set up a controlled A/B test by adding these missing keywords into the titles.

The Results

Date range of test: January 05 – April 05

1. The Hanacure All-in-One Facial Starter


Increase in Impressions


Decrease in Cost Per Click


Increase in Revenue

2. Comme des Garçons Chuck Taylor 1970s Sneakers


Increase in Impressions

After utilizing FeedTelligence™ and inserting more relevant keywords that are commonly searched, the store saw significant performance improvements because these products are now more aligned to how users are actually searching for them on Google Shopping.

Impressions went up, CPC dropped because keyword relevancy increased, and revenue increased dramatically.

“We’re excited about these results with FeedTelligence™ and plan to look for additional title update opportunities in the future.”

– Jason Giltner, Senior Paid Search Analyst at Ovative Group

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