Serramonte Subaru

In less than 24 hours, Feedonomics was able to get Serramonte Subaru live on Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads. Within 4 months the campaign generated over $1 million in sales.

Serramonte Subaru Feedonomics Client Success Story

Client Overview

For the last four years, Serramonte Subaru has been the number one Subaru dealer by volume in Northern California.

Adtaxi, a digital advertising agency, worked together with Feedonomics to get their client’s products live on Facebook and Instagram in time for the end-of-year shopping rush.

The Challenge

Feeds in the auto industry are often very messy and in a very different format than what Facebook requires for Automotive Inventory Ads.

Another challenge is the frequency of updates from the Serramonte Subaru to Facebook. It’s crucial to have a dynamic solution that updates the client’s new and used car listings and inventory. It can be very frustrating when users click on an ad and get taken to a landing page with an out-of-stock car. This isn’t just a poor user experience, it’s also wasted ad spend, and this problem only gets worse with used cars because there is only one of each car in stock.

The Feedonomics Solution

Feedonomics was able to take the starting feed and optimize it specifically for Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads, as well as refresh and update the inventory with frequencies of up to every 15 minutes.

Feedonomics also created segmented bidding buckets by leveraging fields like product_type and custom_labels.

By creating custom labels that use price, condition (new vs used), year, make, model, and trim, Adtaxi was able to better segment bids on Facebook.

The Results

In a very short period, Feedonomics and Adtaxi were able to get the client’s product catalog optimized for Facebook in time for the year-end shopping rush. The product feed is regularly optimized and checked for errors. Within four months the Facebook campaign generated over $1 million in sales!

Million+ Ad Impressions

Leads Generated



43x-85x Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)

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