Ensure product data accuracy with Event-Driven Real-Time Sync

Update key attributes like price and inventory in real-time with Feedonomics

Event-Driven Real-Time Sync

Getting your products in front of high-intent shoppers can be difficult, so don’t let availability be the reason customers go elsewhere.

According to a McKinsey survey, nearly 70% of consumers reported buying from different brands or retailers when faced with stockouts.

Feedonomics’ Event-Driven Real-Time Sync lets sellers update any attribute—including key information like price and inventory—in real time, ensuring data inconsistencies don’t cost you potential sales and revenue.

  • Eliminate product disapprovals and account suspension warnings by keeping key attributes like price and inventory up-to-date
  • Reduce delays for large catalog updates by syncing only data that has changed
  • Prevent overselling to avoid seller account suspensions, fees, and listing removal
Event-Driven Real-Time Sync


Did you know? More than 50% of account suspension and product disapproval warnings are due to price and availability errors.

*According to a Feedonomics study

How does Event-Driven Real-Time Sync work?

Event-Driven Real-Time Sync uses events—such as pricing and inventory changes—to trigger automatic data updates between your source of record and hundreds of the top advertising channels and marketplaces.

Event-Driven Real-Time Sync example

Example #1
A gold coin seller who needs to reprice dynamically because its products are linked to the market price of gold

Event-Driven Real-Time Sync example

Example #2
An emerging brand has a broad catalog, but few units of stock per SKU, making it difficult to list products on more than one channel without overselling

The Feedonomics team has done a fantastic job organizing and optimizing our complex data while providing the global, always-available service we need for our business.

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