Target Plus (Target+) Seller FAQs to Get You Started

Target Plus is Target’s online marketplace for third-party sellers that launched in February 2019. Products listed on Target Plus will appear on

At the moment, selling on Target Plus is by invite only. However, Target does plan to accept partner applications in the future. Once invited, Feedonomics can help get your products optimized and listed on Target+, learn how we can help here

Who can sell on Target Plus?

Target Plus is different from other marketplaces in that Target Plus hand-picks the sellers and brands that they would like to partner with, rather than allowing any seller to list products on

This careful selection of third-party sellers is part of an effort to maintain high-quality product offerings on while limiting offensive content or fake merchandise from being listed. However, this strategy comes at the expense of having a larger third-party assortment on

Target is planning to onboard a limited number of strategic partners per category and does not allow multiple merchants to list the same UPC on Target Plus. This presents an opportunity to secure market share for early adopters.

Enterprising merchants are undoubtedly wondering how to get invited as Target third-party sellers. You can put yourself in the right position to start selling on the Target marketplace by making sure you’re eligible for the program.

Target’s selected sellers must meet the requirements listed below:

  • All sellers must have a business and bank presence in the US.
  • Sellers are required to price products on the Target Plus marketplace at parity with their other sales channels.
  • Orders must be shipped within 24 hours and have a transit time no longer than 5 days.
  • Cross Border Trade Services are not offered. Shipping is supported in the US only.

What are the commission rates and fees on Target Plus?

Once you are approved and have a valid Target seller account, the Item Listing Settings page shows the Whitelisting Rules and Approval Settings set by Target for the account. This is helpful to see which brands and item types the seller has been approved to list under, as well as view the Auto Approval setting and any potential Holds put in place by Target for a particular item type.

The Referral Fees section notes if the seller has a special referral fee setting. By default, all fees are based on the subtype base referral fees unless a different referral fee is specified on this page.

What are the image requirements on Target Plus?

Target only accepts JPGs for image files, and images must be RGB. Preferred minimum dimensions are 2400x2400px. Minimum dimensions are 1200x1200px.

Images must not contain any watermarks, promotional language, or graphic content. Filler/placeholder images, such as “No Image” images, are not allowed.

Your primary image should be a product outline shot against a white background with directional lighting coming from the left. The fill should be strong enough to showcase the details, but not too strong that the image appears flat and washed out. Minimize filling in the shadows.

Product images should present a great view of the item and highlight top features. When applicable, images should showcase size, scale, shape, and/or capacity. Front of packaging is acceptable if it is clearly in-package (not a graphic/illustration/CAD of the package).

Are UPCs or GTINs required on Target Plus?

Yes, UPCs or GTINs are required for products on Target Plus.

How can I get approved to sell on Target Plus?

As mentioned previously, selling on Target Plus is by invite only. However, Target does plan to accept partner applications in the future. While you wait, we can help you establish a presence on other online marketplaces—from product listing and categorization to order management and data governance. Contact Feedonomics today!