Google to Sunset XML Support - Switching to JSON on September 1

The Content API for Shopping is making a major switch. Starting September 1st, Google will sunset XML, and no longer support requests or respond to XML payloads.

Why the Change?

According to Google, most of the API requests use JSON, so they are making this change and putting their resources behind enhancing JSON APIs with new processes and features.

Next Steps

What should you do if your eCommerce business still uses XML? Before the September 1st deadline, you should find out which components of your application are using XML payloads and then modify your application. This is especially important if you are using XML payloads in the following services: Datafeeds, Datafeedstatuses, Products, Productstatuses, Inventory, Accounts, Accountstatuses, and Accounttax.

How Do I Modify My Application?

Send the request body as JSON. Make sure that you have removed the alt=xml parameter from the request. Then process the response as JSON. Lastly, test your revised application by using a separate test account.

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