Embrace the Mobile eCommerce Opportunity - Use Feedonomics to Sell on Wish!


How is your business keeping up with the rapid adoption of mobile commerce? Mobile commerce was 63% of global eCommerce in 2019 and is expected to grow to 71% by 2024 (Source: eMarketer, Global eCommerce, 2020). To make sure your products are listed where consumers are buying, join a platform that is already leading the way in the mobile direction. Wish has been the #1 most downloaded shopping app in the world for three years in a row (Source: Sensor Tower).

What is Wish?

Founded in 2010, Wish now has over 750 employees in offices all over the world, including the United States, Canada, Europe, and China. Wish’s 500,000 merchants generate over 2 million product sales per day. Its 100 million monthly active users are spread over 100 countries, making Wish the right place to get your products in front of the right audience. Wish has 1,000 sub-categories and features over 1,000 brands. Products are highlighted in a picture based exploration feed and Wish uses games and rewards programs to make the shopping experience fun and entertaining. In 2019, Wish users spent on average over 10 minutes per day on the Wish app. Learn more about Wish marketplace features below.

Consumer Experience

The shopping experience on Wish is extremely personalized and unique. Wish has built a sophisticated algorithm which uses inputs such as gender, interests, age, location, and app usage to customize the set of products shown to each user.

Mobile Native

While the world is quickly moving toward mobile devices, Wish has always been there. About 90% of Wish’s user activity and purchases occur on our mobile app. The mobile form factor, which lends to a more explorative experience versus search-based buying, has been central to Wish’s business model since the beginning.

Wish Customers

Wish has 100 Million monthly active users, most of whom are tech savvy millennials who are comfortable on mobile devices. 43% of users are between 18-34 years old. They are value consumers looking for great deals and buy both branded and unbranded products. However, there is definitely something for everyone on Wish and people of all ages have fun shopping on the platform.

Cross Border Selling on Wish

Wish offers over 100 countries as shipping destinations, giving merchants an incredible chance to expand into new markets. Certain Wish programs such as Wish Express, an expedited shipping program, and Fulfillment by Wish, a forward stocking and order fulfillment service, help sellers expand into new markets.

What to Sell on Wish

Wish covers an array of categories and continues to grow. Some categories that do especially well are Fashion & Apparel, Electronics, Toys and Hobbies, Home Decor and Floor Care, Makeup & Beauty, Health and Wellness, Shoes and Baby & Kids. However, pretty much any category that you can think of exists on Wish in some capacity and the product listings continue to grow every day.

Wish Programs

Wish has multiple programs to support merchants and ensure their success. A country flag from where each merchant is located will appear in their product listings. These flags let consumers know whether they are buying from a domestic merchant.

If you are selling within the United States, Europe, Mexico, Australia, Puerto Rico or Brazil and can ship your products on an expedited basis, then you are eligible for the Wish Express program, which provides additional marketing exposure to consumers. For each country, the Wish Express delivery time requirements can be found here.

If you are selling branded products, then you can brand-tag your products to signal legitimacy and ensure customer trust. Wish is constantly expanding its brand directory, so if you sell a brand that is not yet included in the brand directory, it is easy and quick to add it. Brand tagging products also ensures IP protection and brand authenticity.

ProductBoost, Wish’s native advertising tool, provides sellers with an opportunity to increase marketing impressions and reach more consumers. With this tool, your products will be boosted on the Popular feed, as well as the feeds in all other tabs, ensuring that they will be seen by the people most likely to purchase them.

How to sign up for Wish with Feedonomics

Get in touch with your Feedonomics Account Manager to learn more about becoming a Merchant on Wish.