eBay MIP Experiencing Service Issues


Ebay’s SFTP server domain, mip.ebay.com, which services their Merchant Integration Platform (MIP), has been experiencing significant stability issues all day today.  The service disruptions are impeding sellers from being able to update product information (including price and inventory), retrieve orders, and report order fulfillment back to eBay.

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Although I have not seen any official communication from eBay on this, I called their MIP Technical Support team and got verbal confirmation from one of their analysts that they are experiencing known issues and are actively working on it.  They did not give me an ETA and further attempts to contact their technical support have been unsuccessful (phone lines remain on hold, messages not returned).

The API integration with Ebay seems to be functional with no reported issues.

“Regret for the inconvenience caused.
This issue is being looked on by multiple teams, we will keep you posted once they find a fix.
Request your cooperation and patience.”

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Update – Wednesday the 31st June 2019 4:00 PM

“I have been informed that my MIP team has identified the root cause for the slowness in SFTP and this issue has been fixed – apologies for the inconvenience caused.

We’ve checked from our end and we are able to download the feeds from the SFTP folders at a good speed without any timeouts.

Kindly check the same from your end and get back to us incase if you face any issues.”

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